Our Commitment To School Events

The air is filled with excitement and it is time to start planning your school events for the year. It will be our pleasure to serve you in some type of entertainment capacity for this upcoming 2009-2010 school year. Whether it is a dance, homecoming, pep-rally, prom, or talent showcase, Big Smile Entertainment is at your service to meet all of your personal needs and ensure that your event is both memorable and enjoyable.

Since 1997, Big Smile Entertainment has been fulfilling the musical desires of its clients by providing professional Disc Jockey, Video Jockey, and Karaoke entertainment at the best prices available. We believe that our success is a direct result of our commitment to excellent services. Big Smile Entertainment will assist you in designing every detail of your occasion to ensure that your event is extraordinary.

Because of the volatility of music today, we personally screen every musical selection on our playlist to ensure that the music does not contain explicit, sexual, degrading, or disparaging commentary that would offend anyone. We also go one step further by taking songs out of the playlist that we deem unacceptable at a school event. It is important to us, as well as, to your school that we have a clean and fun experience at a Palm Beach or Broward County School Event.

Located in South Florida, we service all events in your area from Ft. Pierce to Key West and set a standard of excellence and professionalism at fair and reasonable prices. Call us and we will be pleased to come to you to discuss your event. We want your event to be a magnificent occasion and remembered for years to come.

Simply call us at 561-654-3337 and we will schedule an appointment to come to your school for a consultation.

“We’re Gonna Make You Smile”